Saturday, September 3, 2011

The skin-walker of Spirit Woods

Note: As the creature evolves, I will update this blog along with new pictures so check back.

Entry # 1
    Halloween is coming. Okay it's still a little under two months away, but I have started getting ready. Every year I set up something new so that when the kids come down the street they know that there really is a monster living in my house who likes to keep all the candy for himself.

    This year I have decided to add the skin-walker to my crowd of spiders, serial killers, and demon babies. Now the the novel is out there I figured that I would try and create the creature that runs amok killing and eating the lower intestinal track of it's victims whilst letting out it's signature shreik.

    So far the head has come together nicely, although I may have to make a couple adjustments to the teeth and add a bit more rot. I expect that the creature will be approximately 7' tall, a little shorter than the creature in the novel, but hell I gotta store this thing after tear down.

    Building the head has been a bit tricky, rolling on layer after layer of latex and trying to get  the look and texture right, but it seems to be coming together okay and once I actually airbrush it I'll be able to get the texture of its rotted flesh just right.

    In my next entry I will put a few shots of the torso and the progress I make with that.

Entry #2
    I have now  added several layers of latex to the creatures face and started developing the torso. This is a slow process, as I have to wait for each layer of latex to dry before putting on another.

    This is actually quite a daunting task, because it is very time consuming.  While waiting for the torso to dry I started developing the talon-like claws and after forming the arms from chicken wire, plaster, later, cotton baton and burlap I attached the the claws which you will see in the next string of photos.