Wednesday, February 26, 2014

THE EQUINOX 2nd Edition with Great Old Ones Publishing

Great Old Ones Publishing
Statement from Author MJ Preston

Although I did announce previously that I had signed with Great old Ones Publishing to represent my debut Novel THE EQUINOX I was somewhat premature regarding the publication date. So, with that said I would like to formally announce that the 2nd Edition print of THE EQUINOX is now available through Great Old Ones Publishing. I am very happy to be affiliated with this small press and trust they will represent my work with zeal and dedication.

For those of you interested as to what the 2nd edition has to offer. Well first and foremost, there is a great Foreword penned by Dark Discussions Host/Founder Philip Perron. That alone should spark your interest, because Phil Perron is an extremely knowledgeable passionate individual who takes horror very seriously.  Along with that I’ve inserted a Table of Contents and written a short Afterword as well outlining a bit about the creative journey that led to writing this book. And finally, the new cover art of which I am very proud. Not only does it better represent the North and Chocktee, but the Skin-walker aka Skin is emblazoned on the back; in all his visceral rotted glory.

If you are a fan of horror and haven’t read this book I dare say that you are missing a real treat. I know that may sound somewhat haughty, but if I can’t stand behind my own work and declare that it is good then let’s face it folks. Who can? Pick yourself up a copy of THE EQUINOX, settle back in a comfortable chair and get ready for the ride of your life! This book is a page turner that includes murder, cannibalism, native mysticism, police procedural wrapped up tight in a character driven tale that will take you on the ride of your life.

To my friends at Great Old Ones Publishing. I am honored to be in the company of people who look upon the craft of horror writing with appetite and enthusiasm. To my fellow writers who are looking for a home for their latest novel I invite you to check them out!
Here’s to the projects of 2014.

MJ Preston

Get your copy of THE EQUINOX here

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Me and Stephen King

I had the oddest dream the other night. I dreamt that I lost control of my "super b tanker" after a car ran a light and I had to lock the brakes up. The big truck, loaded down with 49,000 litres of diesel cut into a jack-knife whipping me completely around and the pup disconnected from my train and took off. When it was over I climbed out of the truck to examine the carnage and too my surprise there was none. The pup was upright and sitting in an empty lot. As I went about recovering the trailer I happened upon a bookstore.

Dreams are funny, causing your attention and priorities to shift crazily. I say this because all my anguish regarding the near miss seemed suddenly unimportant as I entered the bookstore to look around. It was one  of those old havens that you rarely find anymore. A little independent place with old shelves—plaster peeling from the walls—the musty smell of paper permeating in the air; or perhaps it was the radiator. I don't know. I do know that my truck was out on the street and though it was blocking traffic I seemed to not to care as I explored this little shop.

On a worn coffee table there were a dozen or so used books strewn about. There was a Dean Koontz, a Michael Connelly and book by my pal Jim Steel: Amiens: Dawn of Victory.  I recognized that one immediately because I have a signed copy. In the center of these second hands was a recipe card folded in half that read: $4.50 A Real Bargain! The penmanship looked as though it had been scrawled out by a four year-old. I glanced out the window to make sure my rig wasn't on fire, then back down at the books. I was getting ready to pick up the Connelly Book, wondering if it was a Harry Bosch novel, when from behind I heard a voice I recognized.

"There's some real treasures in there," he said and I turned around. It was Stephen King. He was dressed in blue jeans and a loose fitting sweatshirt and his glasses hung over his nose magnifying his strange eyes. "There might even be a McCammon book in there if you're willing to dig."

In the real world I probably would have said. "You're Stephen King, what the fuck are you doing in a little independent book store." But I didn't, because in dreams you are more apt to accept the ridiculous and this was as ridiculous as it got. What I did say was, "You like Robert R McCammon too? That's pretty cool."

"McCammon writes like Pete Townsend plays the guitar," King said. "He's a genius and highly underrated." Shit, he liked THE WHO as well, imagine that. I wondered if he liked Pink Floyd? "I see you had a bit of trouble out there." He was pointing to my rig and smiled.

I gazed out again. There was a cop sizing the truck up. He had a ticket pad in his hand. That was going to cost. I turned back to King and said, "The first book I read by you was Different Seasons, I enjoyed it a lot and it opened up a whole new world for me. I always wanted to be a writer, but reading was hard for me."

King smiled, but said nothing.

So I continued. "I read almost everything you wrote. I liked THE RUNNING MAN and THE LONG WALK. The Bachman Books rocked! In the mid-nineties my wife and I took our kids down to Bangor on a weekend excursion and I parked outside your property for about an hour, but you never came out. I don’t know why I was sitting out there, it wasn’t like I had a book for you to sign.” I paused and rubbed my goatee. That wasn’t quite true. “I guess I wanted to thank you. There was a time when reading was a real chore for me, but your storytelling made it easy. You opened up a door for me and as a result I found other writers that caught my eye. Clancy, McCammon, Barker, Koontz, Harlan Ellison.” I didn’t tell King that I wrote a book, that I had mailed it to his Bangor Office expecting that it would end up in a dumpster or a bargain bin, instead I just said. “I guess I’ll say thanks now.”

Then I put out my hand.

That’s when Stephen frowned and said. “They’re towing your rig away.”

I turned to look out the window and the Cop was now directing a Peterbilt tow truck and it was lifting my rig onto its hook. “Man, the boss is going to be pissed.” I turned back and Stephen King was gone, then I heard the rumble of a diesel engine and darkness enveloped me. When the veil of darkness cleared I found myself waking inside my sleeper, above me the buttoned leather ceiling. Faux leather.

As I lay there in the dark I checked the time, I’d been asleep roughly four hours. I was parked in a scale house outside of Dawson Creek, British Columbia. I had just finished Kings latest book: Doctor Sleep. I suppose that was what conjured the memories. 

“I never got to say thanks,” I mumbled and rolled over.

I guess this will have to do.


MJ Preston is the Author of the Horror Novel: THE EQUINOX
His new novel ACADIA EVENT is forecasted for release in 2014