Monday, December 9, 2013


It was after the release of my debut novel: THE EQUINOX and during my first season as a Winter Road Driver that a concept I was toying with began to come together. Pushing northward across frozen lakes I discussed the concept with my pal Brad and both of us spent hours discussing plot elements and characters. Well, actually, I rambled on and Brad listened politely. When I returned home to Ontario there were two novel ideas and so I wrote two separate prologues and  gave them to the two people whose opinion I value. 

   The first being my wife, Karen. I had to put her first because she's my wife and and I'm a heavy sleeper. Enough said. The second prologue went to Jim Steel. Both prologues opened up on two very separate novel ideas. The one I gave to Karen, simply called: 4,  was a opening to a psychological thriller. The second was a science fiction/horror called: Acadia Event. I planned on writing both of these books, but I wanted to get a feel for which one I should proceed by the reaction I got.

   Jim seemed pretty enthusiastic about ACADIA EVENT while Karen didn't get around to reading 4 until I was on a plane back to Alberta. I attribute that to the fact that she wanted to spend time with me and not my muse. The next day, in an email she told me that I had to write this book. That right from the get go, "4" grabbed her and pulled her in. "Dump that other monster thing your working on," she insisted. "This is the book!" Little did she know that I was already heavily invested in Acadia Event and three chapters had already been emailed out to Jim for review, besides that, I really wasn't in charge anymore. My muse had taken the wheel on this.

    At first I thought Acadia would be a smaller book than Equinox, but as I began to develop characters and find their voices I realized that my initial estimation was wrong. The first draft, which isn't quite done has already surpassed THE EQUINOX in length and unlike it's predecessor won't require the same paring down. This book is a lot tighter and I am happy with its progression, but its a grind pulling days that range between 12 and 16 hours, then finding the ability to open up that door and enter their world. Acadia will be finished at the end of this year, but it won't be ready to go to press until sometime in the Spring of 2014. 
Writing a book is an adventure. To begin with it is a toy and an amusement. Then it becomes a mistress, then it becomes a master, then it becomes a tyrant. The last phase is that just as you are about to be reconciled to your servitude, you kill the monster and fling him into the public. --Winston Churchill 

   Writing a book is a magical endeavor, that is, until you have to abandon the creative process and focus on the mechanics of the story. That is where the real work begins. The line by line grind and polish which is necessary, but nonetheless a labor. So that is where I am with that. My plan is to finish the first draft before the end of the year, let it rest for a short period and go to work on my third novel 4. After a short rest, possibly a month to six weeks, I will go back with fresh eyes and a red pen. Then the real work begins. The format of the book is already in place as is the cover, so its really just about polishing. I am going to put the readied manuscript into the hands of a couple beta readers and once that is done it will be published. I hope those of you waiting for this book will forgive me for the slow down, but before you know it the monster will be flung out into the public.


   Great Old Ones publishing is launching another anthology and although it is not set in stone yet, I may again be putting together their cover art and possibly contributing a story. The theme this time is creepy crawlies. A subject near and dear to my heart. My how art imitates life. I am reminded of a war I waged with cockroaches when I was the superintendent of a townhouse complex. Man, if only I had my camera back then.

   I am also going to be giving THE EQUINOX a facelift, with a new cover and a table of contents, as well a person of interest has agreed to write a foreword for the newly launched book. 

   So keep an eye out for that.

   Well that sums up, I hope this season finds you in a place with family and friends. Finally, a congratulatory message to both Philip Perron of Dark Discussions Fame and his significant other Joanna on the birth of their daughter Colette. 

All the best
MJ Preston


MJ Preston is the Author of the Horror Novel: THE EQUINOX
His new novel ACADIA EVENT is forecasted for release in 2014


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