Friday, December 16, 2011

Well it's Christmas, and in the spirit of giving I have decided to do something radical. Call me crazy, but I am going to give away 100 free E-Versions of my book.

So, what's the catch right? No catch whatsoever. The first 100 people to email me using the form on this page will get a Kindle, Epub or PDF version of THE EQUINOX.

Why am I doing this? I am doing this because I am an Independent Writer and I want people to enjoy my work. Without the backing of a major publicity firm I have decided to take matters into my own hands. The way I see it -- the more people who read my book -- the more word of mouth it gets and thus, the more advertising it gets..

So, fill out the form, be one of the first 100 and you'll get a free E-copy of the book in a format of your choosing. [One copy only per applicant]

Oh and I almost forgot, in the spirit of giving, I am going to add one more thing to stuff in your stocking. If you are one of the 100 who enter your name for a free E-Copy of THE EQUINOX, your name will also be entered into a draw for a signed 6 X 9 trade paperback.

No catch, no spam, just my gift to you this Holiday Season.

Better get at it because the moment we hit the 100 mark the giveaway ends.

Happy Holidays.

MJ Preston

Here's the link:
E-Book Giveaway