Thursday, July 14, 2011

The reviews are in.

People who have read my book have now started reviewing it and I have to say I am pretty happy with what has come back so far.

Reader reviews are what drive people to purchase the book and getting read is what every writer craves most of all. Sure, they wouldn't mind the fame, the fortune and the money, but it all comes backj to being read.

If you have read: THE EQUINOX, please be sure to go back to my page and write a review. Not only does it benefit me but it educates readers about the novel itself.

The Reviews

The Equinox is a highly descriptive journey into a less-travelled corner of horror story-telling. Preston melds First Nations folklore with old-school Victorian vampire hunting. The heavily developed characters embark on a truly goretastic hunt for evil. Scary, disturbing and well worth the read.
--Keith Parker


A first rate novel from a first time author. MJ Preston delivers originality in this pulse pounding-gore-fest-horror novel.
-- Peter Deitza The Word


MJ Preston weaves aboriginal lore with modern day police work; seat-of-your-pants suspense and horror. He pulls out all the stops when it comes to mayhem – mayhem in the streets, mayhem in the air and mayhem in the cornfields around the prairie town. If you want a good read on a ‘dark and stormy night’ this is the one.
-- Author R James Steel

The Equinox is a fast paced read and MJ Preston pulls no punches as he delivers blow after blow in a horrific thrill ride that does not let you go until the last page.
--Colin Stark

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