Sunday, April 14, 2013

Behind the Apocalypse

by MJ Preston

Well this week I got a couple of things done. First off, I managed to get through another chapter of the new book and fire it off for review. This was the source of relief because I've been away from working on the book for  about eight weeks and was concerned that my absence may have stalled the creation process. Writing, at least for me, is not something that can be turned on or off at will. Perhaps that has to do with age, but then again I can remember back in my 20's laying next to my young wife and feeling that call. She didn't have to ask why I wasstaring up at the ceiling fan which hung above our bed. She knew.

     "Just go," she said and off I went into the cool basement where a six foot table and a 400 lb (more like 50) Olivetti electric typewriter waited with a fresh stack of blank white paper beside it. In that basement hung a number of movie posters, I had THE HITCHER, APOCALYPSE NOW and a few others.

      The Apocalypse Now poster sticks with me because it was where I conjured up the last name for my serial killer Stephen Hopper. Sitting low on that old movie poster was the name of a supporting actor: Dennis Hopper. Anyhow, even back then I had to listen to my Muse when he called, and sometimes that call came at 2 AM on a weeknight even though I had to be at work for 7 AM. Anyhow, I've wandered a bit here and all I really wanted to say is that my Muse is still alive and well and I still work on his schedule.

     The other thing I got to do was sit down in a roundtable with the boys from    Dark Discussions. The boys being: Philip, Eric, and Mike. In this roundtable we spoke about the new Evil Dead movie and our impressions of the film.

     I know Phil is still editing the Podcast so I'll leave it there. Only to add that these guys at Dark Discussions are the real deal. Passionate about the horror genre and they do it on their own dime.

     The last thing that got accomplished this week was that my main website at is once again back up online. As some of you know the site was attacked for reasons I am still unclear about and we had to pull it down for almost four months. The new site is up, on it a quick bio, a page about Equinox, some photos and artwork. It is still a work in progress, so check back often as I upgrade and change the template.
     And that's really it for this blog. short and sweet.

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